Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, I am southern to the core. Yes ma’am is baked into my dialect and Crimson Tide football runs through my veins. I always thought growing up that ending up back in Birmingham after college would be an unthinkable fate but here I am, one husband, two kids and 60,000 chickens later and I couldn’t imagine myself elsewhere.

I met Bobby in 2010 after being resistant to being set up by my best friend with a chicken farmer for years. Fast forward four short months and I became a chicken farmer’s fiance and subsequently a chicken farmer’s wife in 2011. We built an amazing home on our 40 acre farm just in time to welcome our beautiful and affectionate baby girl Presley in September of 2014. Two short years later, when I just getting good at the being a mom thing, we added a new baby sized piece to our puzzle when our smiley and mischievous Knox was born in August of 2016.

Two kids in two years ended up not being the most difficult thing we ever took on as I was diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer in December of that same year. That’s right- the overachiever in me went straight for incurable cancer and by passed all the other options available in the cancer handbook. I started the fight for my life in January of 2017 and have been detailing the journey for all to see through blogging and oversharing on social media.

I am a storyteller by nature. Whether sharing my testimony in print or in person, I enjoy being able to tell others of God’s unending gift of grace from the relatable position of being a young wife and mother as well as the unique perspective that comes with having a serious illness. My diagnosis has given me a zest for life and a platform to share and encourage anyone that will stay still long enough to listen (or read) what I have to say.

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